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Oil and Gas Pipe Fittings

As a leading supplier of pipeline fittings, SHELLTRCO distributes a comprehensive range of products used in various industrial operations. The products can fulfill different requirements of Oil and Gas Industry, Chemical industry, Water Treatment Plants, Power Plants and Drilling and Well Building. Our comprehensive range of pipe fittings includes Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel and Low Temperature Carbon Steel (LTCS), nickel alloys, etc. in shape of:
  • Tee
  • Cap
  • Plug
  • Valve
  • Union
  • Elbow
  • Flanges
  • Reducer
  • Adapters
  • Coupling
  • Swage Nipples
  • Expansion Joint
  • Olet( Weldolet, Sockolet, Elbowlet, Thredolet, Nipolet)
The ongoing global search for oil and the competition between the companies in this sector are among the reasons why M.E.G.A. is committed to continuously improving the quality of its products and services. As a long-term international supplier, we provide pipe fittings and other materials for the oil and gas industry.

Types of pipe fittings in oil and gas industry

M.E.G.A. designs, manufactures and supplies pipe fittings for the gas and oil industry, designed to last, providing safety special and standard products in a sensitive and important sector. The top 5 aspects of oil and gas are:
  1. The geological setting;
  2. Exploration and development;
  3. The production of new technology and fields;
  4. Decommissioning projects;
  5. The operating environment.
Our products are stable and reliable, certified according to current international standards. M.E.G.A. takes care of the whole process: from the design of pipe fittings to the actual construction and maintenance. As a reliable partner, we offer innovative polyolefin solutions for safer and more durable oil pipe fittings to help our customers meet the challenges of exploration, construction and supply.   Do you need a consultation to understand better which product is more suitable for you?   

Standard fittings for oil and gas industry

Standard oil pipe fittings and unions are high-quality products that reflect the needs of industries working in the extraction, refining, and gathering of petroleum products. Threaded or socket fittings are available in the variants: threaded, BW, flat and eccentric. This family of standard products for oil and gas industry are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex and superduplex stainless steel, nickel alloys, copper alloys, titanium and others. The material can be NSF 61, NACE, PED and Norsok certified.   standard fittings

Oil pressure pipe fittings

We have a wide range of products for oil&gas sector including oil pressure pipe fittings, accessories and adapters for all kinds of needs. Our company offers a wide range of low and high pressure pipe fittings for oil&gas and naval industries, pressure washers and earthmoving machines. Applications: Suitable for passing mineral oils, ASTM 3 type hydraulic oils, gasoline. Chemical resistance to brake oil (DOT type 4). Branch outlet fittings M.E.G.A. manufactures high-performance oil outlet fittings, capturing the customer's specific needs and flexibly handling the entire production cycle of each branch fitting, starting from raw material sourcing and production, to the final testing stage and any inherent certification. For the oil and gas industry, megalets, self-reinforced shunts with a traditional 90° conformation to the main pipeline, stand out among other products. Depending on the different configurations, they are divided into:
  • Latromegalet that can be installed to obtain a branch with an angle other than 90°
  • Elbowmegalet that can be mounted on a bend.
  • Insert megalet which can be welded directly inside the main pipe.
All these types can be supplied with butt-welded (BW), socket-welded, threaded, and even flanged ends. megalets have several advantages:
  • Less filler material;
  • Fewer welding hours;
  • Greater controllability with CND.

Special oil pipe fittings

Among the special products for the oil and gas industry are:
  • Fittings;
  • Nozzles;
  • Special Flanges.
All these special products are designed to meet the specific needs of the client: here the design is done from scratch, with an initial consultative phase up to the product prototype and final approval. Special oil pipe fittings are designed according to the customer guidance or to the requirements of international codes, including ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, ASME B&PV Code Section I, Section III, Section VIII Division 1 and Division 2, PED, RCC-M, EN 13480, EN 10253 or others. Among these fittings we have:
  • Special tees;
  • Special wyes;
  • Special caps;
  • Special flanges;
  • Flanged fittings;
  • Others.
Nozzles for oil and gas are manufactured to withstand fatigue, high pressure, and corrosion. They come in different configurations: flanged, non-flanged, transitional and inclined. Special flanges are manufactured according to the ASME B16.5, B16.47, API 6A, and ASME B&PV Section VIII Division 1 and Division 2 standards. Flanges are non-standard and produced according to specific customer requirements, such as welding neck and long welding neck flanges, misalignment flanges, swivel flanges, anchor flanges, orifice flanges, and blind flanges.   oil fittings  

Seamless pipes for oil and gas plants

Seamless oil pipe fittings are produced without welding. These products are used in different production points in the oil and gas industry: upstream operations, midstream operations such as transportation and distribution of different fluids including corrosive fluids. They are also used in downstream operations such as process piping for oil and gas refining in secondary products. The types of oil and gas seamless pipe fittings are produced in different materials:
  • Seamless carbon steel pipes;
  • Seamless stainless steel pipe fittings in ASTM A312 series;
  • Seamless pipes in chromium-molybdenum alloy steel in grades such as ASTM A335 P5 to P91 for high temperature and pressure applications;
  • Duplex and superduplex stainless steel pipe fittings;
Each pipe can be plated with CRA material (typically UNS N06625 or 316L) to ensure corrosion resistance.    

Uses of welded pipe fittings in the oil and gas industry

Eventually, M.E.G.A. can manufacture welded pipe fittings for the oil and gas industry thanks to its internal welding team. We designed spools and other special assemblies to meet customer requirements with certified welds guaranteed by our quality system.  

High-quality materials

As a worldwide supplier of oil pipe fittings, M.E.G.A. stands as a benchmark for the market due to its market knowledge and extensive experience in the sector. We have gained the trust of our customers through our philosophy, which includes:
  • Completely in-house product realization, from raw material to finished product. Our entire supply chain is in-house;
  • Certifications following the law (see next paragraph);
  • Specific availability and expertise of our teams to rapidly solve any request or problem.

Our certifications comply with oil and gas standards

As a supplier to the oil and gas industry, we have achieved high-quality standards, certified by accredited bodies in the oil and gas industry. For organizations active in the oil and gas industry, certification to the relevant standard provides an important opportunity for standardization and improvement. Certification provides a system for continuous improvement of processes and products. Quality is sustainably assured and can be externally documented. Waste is reduced and the consequences of functional errors that may be caused by products and services are limited. In the chart below you will find all our certifications.


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